Dorothée Arnault


Dorothée Arnault: (Member) Born in Pithiviers (France) 21 July 1983 Education: Institute of Judicial Studies (Nice, France – 2007), Master (LL.M.) in international trade and European law (Institute for Peace and Law development, Nice, France – Master of law 2006), a bachelor of European law (University of Nice, France and international – 2005), international and European law degree (Universidad de Derecho de Valencia, Spain – law Degree 2004). She completed her academic career by a period of training in China in human resources, marketing and management. She completed her studies with training in 2006 in Venezuela, where she was responsible for the legal assistance of a humanitarian association (she completed a working group for the European Union, which was approved). Languages: French, English and Spanish. Practice Areas: International Law, International Business Law, Law of International Arbitration, European law.