Joseph Guerdy Lissade

Joseph Guerdy Lissade was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He graduates in Accounting, Management, Anthropology and Politic Science.

He was awarded his Law diploma from the Université d’Etat d’Haïti and has been practiced in the Law area since 1985.

He became an active member of the Port-au-Prince Bar Association in 1988. He has been elected counselor of the President of the Bar Association in October 1994.

He has a native fluency in French and Creole and is proficient in English and Spanish.

He has published several studies in different field as the Justice System Organization and The Haitian Monetary Legislation and History. He has been teaching law in the Catholic University for several years.


He founded the law firm CABINET LISSADE & ASSOCIATES which is today one of the most considered in law practice and in the sector of justice.

The firm has developed in many circumstances occasional or strategic relationship with other firm for litigation or professional service on local, national, and international levels. This approach enables the firm to provide the benefits of a depth and specialized skills of all available resources in the country.

The firm client’s business range include industrial; commercial; radio and television broadcasting; land developer; hotel; contractors and many other companies, institutions, and individuals.

With its large computer databases of Law resources and publications the firm is enable to conducts researches in a reasonable delay for consultation or documentation.


The CABINET LISSADE & ASSOCIATES law firm, has loaned its expertise by preparing legislation or contract for governmental agencies as: Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances; Office du Budget; Administration Générale des Douanes; Commission de Contrôle des Jeux de Hasard; Ministère de la Culture; Coopérative de Production Agricole et Industrielle; Fondation Haïtienne d’Assistance Sociale; Conseil National des Télécommunications (CONATEL); Administration Portuaire Nationale (APN); Banque de la République d’Haïti (BRH).

The firm is also involved with the representation of clients before the most significant governmental agencies and departments. It is involved many corporate consisting principally in structuring and merging private companies and provides legal services to: Banks; Mutual; Individuals; Manufactures; Insurance; Hotel and Recreation Association; Airlines; Taxation, Labor and Employment Relations.

Joseph Guerdy Lissade is a lawyer by profession and a collector by passion. He is very interested in the Haitian past and has specialized in the monetary history of Haiti. He is presently the Vice president of Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologie [Haitian Society of History, Geography and Geology] founded in 1923 with the aim to develop, promote, teach, and preserve historical values.

He has written several books on Haitian numismatics and has given various lectures on the subject in Haiti and abroad.

He is at the origin of the creation of the currency museum of the central bank of Haiti. His work made it possible to discover the riches of numismatic.

He is in favor of a better and stronger relationship between Haiti and Africa. South Soudan can be an efficient platform to facilitate this corporation.