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Cabinet Lissade began operations in October 1977. The firm began offering legal services with a staff of three lawyers, but with an open mind to innovation. In 1984, we were the first firm to integrate personal computers in the office space.

The law firm was created to respond to a specialized firm demand for the four (4) years of law degree countered lawyers to see all aspects of Haitian legislation, making it difficult to specialize in one area.

This concept had great success and the firm and became a leader in the legal field. With more than a dozen specialized prosecutors in all aspects of legal practice, both in Haiti and abroad, the Cabinet Lissade remains an undisputed leader in the legal field. The cabinet also houses the Consulate of Poland in Haiti.

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Cabinet Lissade is a team of specialized attorneys dedicated to excellence.

Cabinet Lissade first began its operations on October of 1977. The firm began offering legal services with a staff of three attorneys but with an open mind for innovation.

Cabinet Lissade is a team of lawyers dedicated to excellence. Our main objective is to innovate by applying the latest international standards of performance in the current Haitian legal field.

Cabinet Lissade is a law firm established and operating since 1977 in Port-au-Prince. The company provides quality legal services to a wide range of local and international clients.

Cabinet Lissade our legal advisors have partnered to create a dynamic team of professionals in the field. Our expertise ranges from civil law, criminal law, commercial law, corporate and maritime.

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Patents, Trade Names and Trademarks
This is one of our area of expertise. At Lissade Law, we understand the importance of intellectual property and the need to protect ownership of newly created products, especially in the emerging globalization.
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We also accompany those who wish to adopt children in Haiti. You will find here a list of requirements for adoption.
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Civil Corporate and Maritime Law
We have an experienced team of attorneys dedicated to the protecting your interests. Yet another area where we have clearly demonstrated our abilities.
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US Immigration
Our specialists of the American Immigration Law will be happy to help you in your requests for visas or residence or for other special situations immigration.
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