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The firm is well known for patents, domain names and trademarks We offer a very competitive service and our rates are the best on the market today. Check our price list and contact us for an additional discount (applicable on the volume).
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We also assist those who wish to adopt children in Haiti. Here is a list of requirements to adoption. The Adoption in Haiti is relatively easy. The deadline for the management of two to four months after receipt of the documents.
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Lissade Law firm specializes in tax issues, company creation and merger and acquisitions as well as in corporate law in general.
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About Our Firm

Lissade-Succar Law Firm began operations in October 1977. The firm began offering legal services with a staff of three lawyers, but with an open mind to innovation. In 1984, we were the first firm to integrate personal computers in the office space.

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Lawyer from Cabinet Lissade files for an Habeas Corpus for prisoner held for 6 years
For Immediate Release Cabinet Lissade joins AMCHAM